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TWRR- An unbiased approach for calculating the investment returns


Time-weighted rate of return (TWRR) considers only the investment’s market value change over a specific time period. The timing of cash flows determines where periods begin and end, and an investor’s decision to contribute or withdraw from the portfolio does not affect the return. The TWRR isolates the portfolio’s performance and allows for comparisons across portfolios, making it a better reflection of the decisions made by the portfolio manager over the period.

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IPO - Is it worth to take a chance?

Hook a Duck Header Image

IPO is like a carnival game called "Pick-a-Duck". In the game, you pay your money and take your chances. How lucky you have been can only be decided once you take a chance. Question is whether this chance is worth taking?

In this article, we will delve deeper to find an answer to the above question. After-all, its about your hard-earned  money.

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Fractional Ownership in Real Estate: The Emergence of New Age Investing in Real Estate

Fractional Real Estate

Digital Transformation in Real Estate has led to the emergence of new age Property Technology (PropTech) platforms which leverage innovative technology to create new age investment avenues in Commercial Real Estate. These PropTech platforms are enabling investors gain access to high value high return investment opportunities in commercial real estate through a mode of investment called Fractional Ownership. 

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All about Employee provident fund -EPF


EPF is one of the most popular and traditional savings schemes launched in India under the supervision of Indian Government.  EPF is one of the deductions made from the salary account. Even though you don’t receive it in-hand, it is one of the investments you make indirectly which would help you build your retirement corpus and make you ready for retirement

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