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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). A Viable Investment Option?


Traditionally, investing in real estate in India meant buying a plot of land or a residential property for personal use. Till the arrival of REITs, investment opportunities in commercial real estate were rendered inaccessible for retail investors owing to constraints posed by large ticket sizes (Rs. 1 Crore or more), illiquidity in long term investments, hassles in getting timely clearances and difficulties in managing sizable assets.

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Budget 2021 - Analysis

Budget 2021

The Budget of 2021 highlights India’s bold, resilient, and self -reliant approach in its fight against COVID. The Budget will propel India towards the path of a double digit economic recovery in the coming year. This will be a major relief after witnessing one of the worst economic contractions witnessed in 2020.

Despite operating at a fiscal deficit pegged at 9.5% of the GDP in the current year, the government has opted to pursue an aggressive pro-growth policy for the coming year. This is done via increased expenditure in key sectors and enacting key reforms in legislation aimed at boosting investments.

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Goal based exit - Your best shield against market volatility

Goal Based Exit

Investing into a volatile asset class like equity without a proper exit strategy is akin to entering into a Chakravyuh without knowing how to come out of it. A robust Goal based exit framework ensures a very high probability of achieving the target amount for a given financial goal. Sudden market crash and black swan events like "Covid-19" may seriously jeopardize your financial journey. A robust Goal based exit framework is your insurance against such unpredictable events.

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