We are different from other Financial advisors on the following counts:
  • We employ a scientifically proven risk profiling process to reduce the overall risk in your portfolio.
  • Our investment research team have access to advanced research tools like Morningstar to select best performing portfolio for you.
  • State-of-the-art goal tracking platform to enable you to track your goals and communicate regularly to your financial advisor.
  • Bank grade security to keep your personal data secure.
There ain't no such thing as a free lunch holds true for free services offerings in the field of financial services. The basic disadvantages of such services are :
  • They are not accountable for the performance of your portfolio.
  • Primarily they are driven by their own sales target hence the product sold to you may not be in your interest.
  • People selling these services are generally not a Certified Investment Advisor.
Analysis of existing investments is an integral part of the financial planning process. During the financial planning process we collect all the details about your existing investment. Our team of experts analyse the data and advice corrective action. You can provide your existing Policies, Mutual Funds and Stocks for analysis.
In case of contingencies, we will help you to redeem your money in such a way that there is a minimal impact on your long term investment plan. The redemption process generally takes 2 business days for the money to get refunded to your bank account.
We know the importance of money for our clients. Therefore, based on risk profiling we design our client's portfolio in a way that your investments are held in 2 buckets:
  • Strategic Asset Allocation - Based on market cycles. This is done for goals that are more than 3 year away. This ensures that any short term losses are recovered in a period of 3 years.
  • Goal based Exit - This is done for goals that are less than 3 years away. For example, if you have a goal to buy a car for 10 Lacs in 2020. We will start moving money into defensive category from 2017 onwards. This ensures that you get Rs. 10 Lacs in 2020 irrespective of market conditions.
There is no transaction of investment money between Finatoz and the investor. All the investments are done in investor’s name and the money gets deposited directly in the SEBI authorized mutual fund as per our advice. Finatoz does tracking and active management of your portfolio. However, you will have to login and approve any transaction proposed by us. The transactions are created by us but will get executed only once you approve it on the system.
Majority of the platforms in the market are DIY (Do it Yourself). We assign a dedicated Financial advisor who spends time with you to understand your financial goals. She works with you on a continuous basis and ensures that your financial goals are on track. She helps you to add/modify/delete your goals to keep your financial plan up-to-date. She is supported by our strong investment research team to enable you to get higher risk adjusted returns. So, essentially when you are taking our services, you are outsourcing your personal finance and investment management to us.
Just by investing in a top rated mutual fund may not work for you since market conditions are very dynamic in nature. What is top rated today may not continue to perform in the future. Fund has become top rated because the past performance has been good and it is not an indicative of future returns. We have a dedicated Investment Team to tracks your portfolio on continuous basis and weed out the non performing funds.
The amount will depend on your financial plan. There is no minimum investment required. However, to manage your investments effectively a minimum SIP of Rs 20,000 per month is recommended.
Yes, your existing Mutual Fund portfolio can be consolidated with the online investment account on our portal. Once you express your intent our operations team will complete the required documentation to ensure a hassle free experience.
Our unique portal has a feature of opening family account having separate individuals (Spouse, parents & childrens) linked to a single user ID. It will not be a joint account as the investment will be linked to individual PAN Card and bank accounts. We call this as group account. See next answer to know more.
A group account is an unique feature wherein separate individual account can be viewed under a single Login ID. This feature is only available for individuals belonging to the same family (Spouse, parents & children). It is different from a joint account as individual investments & returns are independent of other members and can be viewed seperately .
Yes, we do help in planning for your tax saving as part of the Financial Planning process. We analyze existing tax savings products and recommend to you based on your risk profile. We generally recommend EEE (Exempt, Exempt, Exempt) products for tax saving.
Risk Profiling is a mandatory step for financial planning and investment. This is a process for finding the optimal level of investment risk for our client. We consider the following criteria for risk profiling: a. Risk Tolerance: How much risk you prefer to take. b. Risk Capacity: How much risk you can afford to take. c. Risk Required: How much risk you need to take. For this we have empanelled with an Australian company Finametrica.
Your money is invested with the SEBI registered fund house. Your invested money is neither with Finatoz or "FundsIndiaAdvisor" and money is invested directly with the fund house (fund houses like : ICICI Prudential, SBI, HDFC etc.) only. You will get regular stataements from these fund houses directly on your email-id. In case of the unlikely event of Finatoz shutting down, you can easily claim your investments from these fund house using your ID proof.
Direct equity is usually preferred by traders, who believe in earning quick profit which involves lots of risk. A stock can potentially go down by more than 30% in a single day which might increase your portfolio risk substantially. Since most of our customers are investing their hard-earned money for long term goals, we use diversified Mutual Funds to take exposure to equity rather than direct stock picking.
Exit option is pretty straight forward. Either party needs to give a 30 day notice to discontinue the service. This is mentioned in the consultancy agreement to be signed with you at the start of the service. If you choose to discontinue the service, your online investment account will not be closed. You can continue to operate it on your own till the time you so desire.
To know about our fund selection methodologies click here.
We keep a close watch on the market and your portfolio is tracked on a continuous basis. Your portfolio and returns are reviewed periodically to ensure that financial goals are met as per set timeframe. On the basis of periodic reviews, the plan is modified if required, according to changed financial condition of the individual / family. The process is cyclic in nature and reviews on periodic basis enables achievement of individual financial goals. The review frequency is 6 months or yearly (based on your subscription).
We open your investment account in FundsIndiaAdvisor portal. On this portal we are able to manage all our customers portfolios at one place and can create transactions on your behalf, which you need to approve. After the transaction is created in your account, you will receive an intimation(Email/Message/Call). As per the intimation you will need to approve the transaction by "logging in" to your investment account. Once the transaction is approved it will be executed. The process of clients approval is incorporated in our investment structure so as to provide higher transparency level to our customers. We keep you updated about the rationale of switching before creating these transactions on the portal. Read more