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Why should you invest in 5.25% taxable REC 54EC Bonds?

REC Bonds Taxable

Firstly, investing in these bonds makes sense if you have sold a property and have accrued long-term capital gains. Overall, if you invest your gains in the REC Bonds you are not required to pay tax to the government. This is the main reason why one should consider investing in the REC Bonds. This is especially true for high net worth investors, who are in highest tax bracket.

Secondly, considering REC Bonds from a financial planning perspective, it is a low-risk asset class, but still, an investor with a high-risk profile can invest in them because the returns are tax-free after 3 years. Thus the overall post-tax returns are quite high. This enables an investor to not only earn tax-free income but also ensure the safety of capital.

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How to reduce the impact of Long Term Captial Gains Tax?

Reduce the impact of long term capital gains tax

What can you do to minimize the impact of 10% tax on your Long term capital gains (LTCG)? Though this is a new reality now for most of the long term investors, but being more aware of the possible options can help us reduce the impact. It just requires one to do few things on a periodic basis. 

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