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What is the best way to invest your Provident Fund after Retirement?

What is the best way to invest your Provident Fund after retirement?

Provident Fund is one of the safest and most tax efficient investment option while you are working. However, once you retire, you get a large amount of money from your Provident Fund and other retirement benefits like Gratuity, Superannuation Voluntary Retirement Fund etc.

Often it becomes a very difficult choice for a retired person to figure out where to invest such a large amount. This article is our attempt to help you understand what are the best possible avenues to invest your provident fund and other retirement proceeds.

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Ways to earn tax-efficient income from your retirement corpus

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While we save throughout our life for our peaceful retirement, but when it comes to investing our retirement corpus, we choose many tax-inefficient products. This is mainly, due to lack of awareness about products to invest in, during our retired life. In this article we have proposed a mix of three type of investment products which will result in tax-efficient returns and will provide you better risk-adjusted returns in the long term. You may find it useful either for your own retirement corpus or for the investments of your retired parents.

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