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Quarterly Update - Facts don't care about your feelings!

Facts new

Facts don't care about your feelings.”

― Ben Shapiro

The unabated bull run in equity markets since last one year is making people nervous. Situation on the ground feels pretty grim with multiple lockdowns since the advent of Covid. 2nd wave has been devastating for majority of Indians both emotionally as well as financially. Though we seem to be out of 2nd wave now,

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2019 the year gone by! ~From the Founder’s Desk

2019 has been an year full of surprises. Even though Sensex touched all-time highs, the returns didn’t seem to translate for the investors. Main reason for this anomaly was the fact that very few companies participated in the upward journey of Sensex. Few big stocks like Reliance, Bharti Airtel, HUL etc. gave good and handsome returns. On the other hand, majority of the listed stock universe gave below-average to negative returns.

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